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Why doesn't BLCC use a fixed method?

We do get asked more often "what method do you use?". We usually find it a difficult question. If we answer not using a fixed method, it seems like we don't have a clear vision of language learning. And nothing could be further from the truth. If we prioritise a method here, we miss the essence of what we want to achieve: tailor-made language training for each course participant. No client, project or person is identical. And therefore no language training is identical either. So it is impossible to start from one fixed didactic method.

BLCC has a wide range of product components and deploys them in the right balance and in the most efficient way. We call it the Language Learning Mix, a mix of learning forms and contents best suited to your situation.

What we believe very strongly in - we call it a strategy, not a method - is in 'technology-enhanced learning'. By using technology in the right way, we can increase the efficiency of your training. That is certainly the common denominator in all our language courses!