About BLCC.

BLCC develops language solutions and organises language training. Our courses are always customised, never off-the-shelf. Whether for groups or individuals, large organisations or small — everyone achieves their goals.
Language philosophy

What we do.

BLCC organises more than 2,000 language courses every year. Each course is unique. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all! We put together a personal Language Learning Mix for you. That is a smart combination of methods that fits with your personal language objectives. We determine the mix based on various factors such as how you like to learn, your language proficiency, goals and professional context.

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    What we believe in.

    Guaranteeing quality = monitoring quality!
    We take great care in preparing your training. We look for a trainer who is a good fit with your profile and the challenges facing you. You establish you goals jointly and record them in your training plan. After a few sessions, we ask you for feedback. You evaluate how the training is going, the trainer’s approach, the course material, the structure and the exercises. We pass this on to your trainer and make adjustments where necessary. Regular practice is essential when you learn a language. We proactively monitor continuity and attendance during sessions. If we spot risks or signs that all is not well, we talk to you about this openly and clearly, and we try to jointly find an effective solution. Learning a language costs effort. Reserve time for study. Visit the learning platform regularly for practice. You will find that this really helps the learning process and that it improves the quality too. As you can see, we don’t forget about you; we actively track your efforts.

    100% satisfied clients!
    Our approach gets results. That’s not our claim, it is a finding by QFor, the leading quality label for teaching and training. Their analysis shows that 100% of our clients are extremely satisfied.

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    How we work.

    It all starts with a screening... 
    We start by thoroughly screening your personal goals. We look at how much time you are expecting to put in, the objectives you want to achieve, whether or not you find it easy to study on your own and what frequency would be feasible for you. Based on that information, we put together a Language Learning Mix. That mix of methods is your personal language solution, tailored to fit your unique situation. What do you prefer?

    • face-to-face or virtual?
    • big emphasis on e-learning or not?
    • individual training, group training or a combination?
    • general language use or for a specific purpose?
    • a focus on language or a bridge to additional business skills?
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    Ku Leuven
    Strength from partnerships


    A partnership is geared to the long term. It brings strength, stability and a firm foundation. Rather than an end in itself, it is a means for guaranteeing impactful training programmes for our clients and trainers.

    Creating synergy.

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    WEB / Online learning with Squidll

    BLCC innovates.

    BLCC always strives to stay one step ahead in the industry. We innovate to provide our customers with the best language solution.

    Thanks to our connection with KU Leuven, we know better than anyone what the education of tomorrow should look like. That's why we launched our online platform, Squidll.

    With Squidll, we make language learning and maintenance even more accessible, giving you 24/7 access to experienced business language coaches. You can quickly and easily book your online sessions with a coach of your choice.

Our team

The people behind BLCC.

Of course, you don't organise a language course on your own. For more than 30 years, our permanent staff and enthusiastic language trainers have strengthened our clients' communication skills in various languages.

Our trainers.

We would like to stress that of course you can’t organise language courses singlehandedly. Our enthusiastic language trainers are the bedrock of our organisation and an indispensable part of the team that delivers your language course.

Zijn er nog vragen?

Are you a team manager or HR officer looking for the right, effective language training programme for your company and your teams? Or are you just looking personally for the ideal Language Learning Mix to give your professional language skills a boost? We offer customised language solutions for everyone.