Our Partners.

A partnership is a relationship that is geared to the long term and brings strength, stability and a firm foundation. Our partners are not partners in name only. We collaborate with them to create training programmes with an impact, for both our clients and our trainers.

  1. KU Leuven BLCC

    KU Leuven.

    BLCC is one of the oldest spin-offs of the university KU Leuven. We say this with pride because it is thanks to the university that  science and  language technology are in our  DNA  to this very day.That is reflected in our language training. 

    BLCC & KU Leuven: partners not just on paper

    KU Leuven has a 30% stake in BLCC. Vice rector Piet Desmet and associate professor  Frank Baert are on our Executive Board. It goes without saying that they help safeguard the quality of our offering. They push us to constantly raise the bar in terms of language technology. Our partnership with KU Leuven keeps us one step ahead of the market. We have an unparalleled insight into future possibilities for training. KU Leuven is our lab and BLCC puts that knowledge into practice!

  2. CrossKnowledge BLCC


    To get the maximum benefit from your language training, you need the best technology and the best content! We found both at  CrossKnowledge.

    Best technology

    Thanks to our partnership with CrossKnowledge, we can offer you an award-winning learning platform geared to ease of use, getting experience and engagement. Find out first-hand how our learning platform motivates you as a learner to get started and keep at it when you do a language course with us!

    Best content

    Of course the content is even more important than the technology. CrossKnowledge has helped us make the content even better and richer. You are immersed in the target language. You learn the new language in a domain of your choosing while acquiring new skills that can give your career a boost. Business skills, management skills, leadership skills, smarter work, ... all these aspects are included in the Language Learning Mix thanks to CrossKnowledge.

    Shared DNA

    Our partnership with CrossKnowledge is about much more than sharing first-class content and technology. We also share the same dream and have the same DNA. We are both passionate about learning with a strong focus on excelling. Our goal is to bolster clients by giving them the right skills and preparing them for the future.

  3. Alliance Francaise BLCC

    Alliance française.

    Paris 1883, Alliance française saw the light as an independent organisation with one mission: to promote the French language around the world.

    The renowned organisation's partnerships reach far as Kortrijk. Together with Alliance française and the Postgraduate Centre, we built an exam centre in the West Flanders region. The Alliance Française West Flanders' exam centre offers you the opportunity to take part in the DELF exam (Diplôme d'études en langue française), the DALF exam (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) or the DFP exam (Diplôme de français professionnel).

    Find out more and register via the website.

Zijn er nog vragen?

If you want to find out how we and our partners put together the ultimate language training programme for you, or if you too want to become a BLCC partner, Contact us!