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At BLCC, we are more than just a workplace - we are a warm, welcoming team that values your unique talents and ambitions. As an innovative player in the language training industry, we aspire to shape the future of communication. To achieve this, we are looking for exceptional individuals like you.


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Listen to Milica speak about her collaboration with BLCC.

Milica, is not only a language trainer, but also a source of inspiration. With boundless enthusiasm and expertise, she transforms language learning into an unforgettable adventure for our trainees.
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    Part of the team.

    Even as a freelancer, you are still a part of the BLCC team! Each BLCC language trainer is a full-fledged colleague.We take the time to get to know you and are there to listen to you because we value your professional input. We believe in fostering real relationships and a supportive working environment. 

    Your dedication, flexibility and passion for languages are at the heart of BLCC's excellence.

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    BLCC Academy

    Access to knowledge network & learning community.

    'The teacher is a learner each and every minute of their life.'

    At BLCC, you are part of a community that fosters knowledge sharing and building. As a proud spin-off of KU Leuven, we benefit from their extensive research on the effective use of technology in language learning and we share that expertise with you.

    Our monthly  BLCC Academy workshops and webinars are an opportunity  to sharpen your teaching skills. Highlighting the latest trends in language teaching in a collaborative context, the BLCC Academy is our way of giving back to our trainers by providing the tools to future-proof their teaching.  Need specific assistance? Our senior language coaches are there to help. And naturally, you'll also have access to our extensive teaching materials database.

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    Sollictieer taaltrainer BLCC

    Prestigious client base and fascinating projects.

    Through BLCC, you have the opportunity to work for internationally renowned companies - in stunning locations! Just take a look at our client page.

    We challenge ourselves with ambitious projects and collaborate with clients invested in their employees’ success. As a trainer, you are an integral part of BLCC’s mission to provide innovative language solutions for professionals.


What our trainers say about us.

Sam H. - English Trainer
I appreciate the team very much, and it truly is a delight to collaborate with BLCC and the team. 
Sam H. - English Trainer
Arjan K. - Dutch Trainer
Het grootste voordeel van virtuele lessen is ongetwijfeld de tijdswinst en efficiëntie, zowel voor de trainer als voor de cursisten. Bovendien hoef je niks in te boeten qua lesinhoud. Zowel conversatie-oefeningen, theoretische uitleg als rollenspellen blijven perfect mogelijk in een onlineleslokaal.
Arjan K. - Dutch Trainer
Cynthia C. - Dutch Trainer
Niet zelden verwelkom ik in mijn les ontgoochelde cursisten, die na een maandje zelfstudie de handdoek in de ring gooiden. Het Nederlands werd onderschat. Het wordt ervaren als een moeilijk, niet logische taal en de motivatie om de taal onder de knie te krijgen is ver zoek. Op zulke momenten heb je een taaltrainer nodig die niet alleen sterk is in zijn of haar vak, maar die de cursist begrijpt, kan motiveren en vooral zin laat krijgen om er opnieuw en volop voor te gaan. Dat maakt BLCC sterk. Geen bandwerk maar maatwerk.
Cynthia C. - Dutch Trainer
Inge L. - German Trainer
Tijdens een opleiding Duits komt er veel meer aan bod dan de verbuigingen die de Duitse taal zo moeilijk maken. We focussen ons voornamelijk op een uitbreiding van woordenschat, leren conversaties in het Duits te voeren en belichten daarnaast ook specifieke, culturele eigenheden van Duitstalige landen. De kennis die tijdens de face-to-face sessies verworven wordt, kan de cursist zelf toepassen en verder inoefenen via het uitvoerige online e-learning platform dat BLCC ter beschikking stelt. Tijdens taalopleidingen op maat behandelen we zeer gericht die thema's die voor de cursist van belang zijn, om zo op zeer korte tijd een zeer grondige en gerichte kennis te verwerven van zeer specifieke woordenschat binnen het domein waarin hij of zij actief is.
Inge L. - German Trainer
Manon K. - French Trainer
Jai à cœur de transmettre ma connaissance de language française aux apprenants pour leur permettre d'atteindre leurs objectifs et s'épanouir pleinement professionnellement. Chez BLCC nous nous adaptons et offrons une approche personnalisée en fonction de vos besoins et de vos objectifs. Notre approche individuelle est un véritable atout pour l'apprentissage car nous ciblons les points à approfondir. Nous offrons aussi un suivi personnalisé qui permet de suivre les progrès de manière détaillée et ainsi d'avancer plus vite pour atteindre les objectifs fixés lore de la première rencontre.
Manon K. - French Trainer
Nowadays our life is defined by great mobility, time management, and efficiency. By offering a trailer-made virtual training, BLCC meets all these requirements. In my virtual teaching practice, I have had the chance to give courses to people located in different places, whether it is Belgium, France, a company's office, or their own house. Additionally, the language learning experience that BLCC offers does not boil down the virtual sessions only. With the help of the e-leaning platform, my trainees can practice independently on their own laptops or via an app, which I, as a trainer, can monitor, providing feedback any time. All these tools have made language learning trouble-free, convenient, and suitable for our current lifestyle.
Nadia D.L. - English Trainer
Nynke D.J. - English and Dutch Trainer
Online teaching even has it own advantages. It is easier to fit in as I usually plan short sessions, which are more efficient as the students are able to stay fully focussed for an hour, but not for two. Because of this, they are able to learn more during an online course than in a face-to-face one. Another advantage is that if you are afraid of speaking a foreign language, you can do it in your familiar, less pressured environment. My online students who normally feel anxious are more at ease and therefore learn better. You can also have easy access to a dictionary and other online resources. It's not cheating, it's marking good use of the tools there are when learning online. Lastly, the session can be recorded so you can experience the whole lesson all over again! Add in the BLCC e-learning modules, which you can do at leisure and practice 'life' during our sessions and you will see why this is a winning combination.
Nynke D.J. - English and Dutch Trainer

Un grand merci à toi et ton équipe pour cette merveilleuse soirée de vendredi. Maita et moi avons vraiment apprécié l'accueil de tous et la qualité de la prestation. Vive BLCC et longue vie à tous !!

Frederic et Maita - French Trainers
Ik was zelf een beetje zoekende naar een job waarin ik echt gelukkig zou zijn. Dankzij de BLCC familie heb ik die gevonden!
Karin R. - Language Trainer
Unsolicited application

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