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You and us: together!

If you are an ambitious language trainer keen to incorporate the latest insights into your teaching, join BLCC to deliver language training that is fit for the future.


About BLCC.

BLCC is all about powering up professionals. As a proud affiliate of KU Leuven, BLCC comes up with language solutions that make an impact. We organise customised language training that satisfies our clients’ expectations. Whether for groups or individuals, for small companies or large ones, anything is possible. Our focus is always on satisfying our clients, taking an entrepreneurial approach and excelling at what we do.

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    Taaltrainer worden BLCC

    Part of the team.

    You are a freelancer. But even though you may only work for BLCC part-time, you are still a member of our team and a fully fledged colleague. So we want to get to know you. We listen to you, not just so that we can match you to our clients but also because we value your input. We prefer to do that in person because personal, face-to-face contact makes a difference.

    You can count on us when you work for us. You deserve respect for your flexible, resolute and enthusiastic approach to your job.

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    BLCC Taaltrainer
    BLCC Academy

    Access to knowledge network and learning community.

    “The teacher is a learner each and every minute of their life.” You will be part of a community geared to acquiring and sharing knowledge. The university of KU Leuven does a lot of research on the effective use of technology when learning a language. We share that expertise with you. The BLCC Academy encourages you to further improve your skills, for example through webinars, workshops and blended learning — and of course by learning from other trainers. If you need specific assistance, our language coaches will help you. Of course you get access to our extensive catalogue of material.

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    Sollictieer taaltrainer BLCC

    Prestigious client base and fascinating projects.

    BLCC gives you the opportunity to work for leading international companies in great locations! Check out our client page. We focus on challenging projects for ambitious clients, companies that are closely involved in their training programmes. You too will be fully involved in the effort to come up with innovative solutions.

The ideal MATCH

Could you be our new language trainer?

If you want to promote BLCC’s mission, vision and values, come and join our team of trainers!

  1. Taaltrainer worden bij BLCC

    What you
    offer us.

    • You have native or near-native mastery of the language.
    • You have experience in corporate language training. Your approach focuses on communication and competence. The client’s communication needs are your starting point.
    • You believe digital tools can enhance the impact of your training and you like the idea of virtual training courses.
    • You will be a BLCC ambassador to our clients.
    • You project the message that learning a new language is enriching and broadens horizons, and that it’s fun.

  2. Taaltrainer benodigheden

    What we offer you.

    • You will receive training in BLCC’s language learning philosophy, the learning platform and course material.
    • You will become part of a learning community with your fellow trainers through the BLCC Academy’s events. You will get access to face-to-face or online workshops on general subjects and more specific topics.
    • You will get support tailored to your needs from our language coaches. You can contact them for teaching skills support, course material and practical questions. They are there to help you.
    • You will join a friendly team that takes your preferences into account. And of course that is keen to get to know you.
  3. Taaltrainer benodigheden

    What happens next?

    Complete the form below and we will contact you for an introductory interview with our coaches. We will draw up a detailed profile and match your expertise, experience and preferences with our clients. We also look at the fit with the culture and the willingness to learn.

    If this all went well, then we will be happy to have you on our team and we’ll prepare for your start.