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How does BLCC recruit its trainers?

We start with a critical CV analysis, which is usually followed by a short personal contact. We pay attention to the general profile, business and trainer experience and evaluate the potential for long-term cooperation. It is also important that the trainer has experience with digital learning formats. Non-native speakers are also welcome. It is scientifically proven that you don't exactly learn better from a native speaker and, moreover, it is sometimes an explicit request of the client. Of course, a near-native knowledge of the language is crucial!

A detailed and personal interview with our coaches then follows. They map out the trainer profile (expertise, experience, didactic approach, preferences, etc.) and advise BLCC on whether or not to employ you as a new trainer. This conversation is also the perfect moment for you to get to know BLCC's approach. The coach explains BLCC's philosophy, introduces the training opportunities and BLCC's material.

In case of a positive recommendation, a final personal interview with BLCC's management follows. Then the cooperation can start: we include you in the communication lines and we contact you for training in the BLCC Academy. Our coordinators (planners) get to know you through your CV, our language coach's report and through a presentation of you at an upcoming internal meeting. Let those interesting assignments come in!