Strategic language policy at Axa Tech.

Axa Tech Brussels and Axa Tech Germany are set to cooperate more closely. The operating language will be English. Time for a strategic language policy at Axa Tech! For language training of a large group of employees, a structured approach is crucial.

Within Axa Tech, more than 200 employees needed English training. So how do you set priorities? How do you determine the final level? And how do you get everyone involved in this change process?


Define a clear ultimate goal

Step 1: know what you stand for.

An intensive dialogue with all managers is an important starting point. Not only for their involvement in the process; they know better than anyone what skills their team members need to have in the other language.

During a workshop, we defined the different functions. We then linked to each function the skills they needed to perform their function properly.

BLCC made it possible to convert skills into language levels (CEFR). The ultimate goal was set.


Get a complete overview of the current situation

But where do we stand today?

We established that in a screening. At Axa, we did the screening on site, which was before the 'e-screening era'. Today, this process can be much faster and more efficient thanks to our online tests. We developed these in collaboration with KU Leuven. 


Establish priorities

Clearly, you cannot train everyone at the same time; the impact on the working floor is too large for that.

We set priorities together.

  • What parameters determine who receives training first?
  • Who gets an intensive course?
  • Who gets on the waiting list?


This picture is different for each company.

  • Do we start with the lowest levels, or just with the highest because we will be operational faster?
  • Which teams get priority? Where is the impact of language most felt?
  • Which Language Learning Mix do we offer for which level, which profile?


Together with a team of managers and Learning & Development, we decide who will receive training first. We discuss the benefits of that choice, but also the traps.


Everyone on board?

It is important that everyone is in on the story. The impact of a strategic language policy at Axa Tech is therefore particularly significant. Do not underestimate the role of the manager. He sets a good example and also motivates his team members to go for it together.

Is resistance noticeable?

Then start quietly with 1 or 2 training sessions and let those people enthuse others and convince them to jump on board. After more than 2 years, every employee was operational.

The working language today at Axa Tech? English, of course!



Would you also like language training tailored to your company and your strategic goals?