One stop shop principle at Bpost.

Bpost has up to 34,000 employees spread all over Belgium. For all these people, there is a limited training team that admirably moves mountains. In a Belgian organisation where both Dutch- and French-speakers work together every day, there is a strong focus on language training every year. After all, colleagues have to be able to communicate, hold meetings, make phone calls and consult with each other every day.

Enhancing Bpost's language skills, that is our goal. With a one-stop-shop training package.

  • 34 employees throughout Belgium
  • 128 000+ hours of training this year


Take away the worries!

First of all, we ask questions to assess the current situation of Bpost and its employees. How do we manage all requests for language training? What is the added value of Learning & Development if you only request quotes and schedule training courses? Isn't it simpler and more efficient to enter into one agreement with a language partner that delivers the full range. From face-to-face in group, to virtual course or e-learning package with support.

With the right data, we make the difference

You can use the time saved to make a difference to your organisation! We share data with you and analyse together how we can adapt the training offer even better to your organisation. This way, we know which language levels are most common in your organisation, but also which teams we should focus extra training on to give them more impact in that other language.

How do I get started?

Quite talking to us about it. Put your challenges on the table and we will tackle them together. Using our expertise, we ask the right questions to put the puzzle together and propose the right Language Learning Mixes for your organisation.

Would you also like language training tailored to your company and your strategic goals?