Language training for bank employees.

Want to increase the impact of your bank employees with non-native or foreign customers? Then language training for bank employees is the solution to get your team started.


For your bank employees and your company.

As a manager or team leader, you strive for the best for your bank employees. No doubt your team already has a lot of skills: customer-oriented communication, negotiation, persuasion....

But what if they need to handle specific terminology in another language? The language training for bank employees therefore gives your team and your company a big boost. During the training we improve both the language level and the skills of your team.

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Business Growth.

Solid language skills will give your business and sales a solid boost. Because in a globalised business world, good language skills are a must. Become fluent in the language of your customers and prospects and increase the effectiveness of your communication.

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One-size-fits-all? We do not believe in that. The language goals of your company and your employees therefore form the basis of their language training. Thanks to the perfect Language Learning Mix, the courses match your team perfectly.

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Long-term partner.

Step into the future prepared. Choose a long-term language partner who thinks along with the vision and strategy of your company and your bank employees.

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Focused on results.

Your tailor-made language training gets results. With the guidance of our experts, interactive learning methods and e-learning platform, your team will achieve their goals. For language training with maximum impact.


About language training for bank employees.

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    duits voor bank medewerkers

    Something for your team?

    Does your team operate  in the banking sector? Give your company and team a boost with our training for bank employees.

    Your bank employees already have a good intermediate level in the foreign language. Your team already expresses itself fluently and performs well in numerous situations. Yet it is still difficult to speak to customers with the same impact as in the mother tongue. No worries! We reinforce the language of your bank employees specifically based on their position and their needs. Your product, customers and conversations form the basis of the training.

    The level and goals of the participants determine how we organise the training of your team. Together with you, we determine which option is best for your team.

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    Frans voor banksector

    Which languages will boost your team's skills?

    Language training for the banking sector is available in the language your team and company require. Dutch, French, English, Spanish or German: feel free to ask BLCC. Not found your language? Get in touch with us.


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    Frans voor bankmedewerker

    Boosting your banking and language skills?

    We can make it happen! Thanks to a unique partnership with CrossKnowledge, we offer your team specialised e-learning modules to sharpen their banking skills... in your language of choice, of course! Your team members decide which service-oriented skills they want to learn and are immersed in the target language. Two birds with one stone!

    What does this training focus on?

    • How do you build a sustainable professional network with quality contacts?
    • How do you use the right terminology?
    • How to contribute to a customer-oriented culture?
    • How do you efficiently organise a team?
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    Engels voor banksector

    At the end of this language training, what will your team be able to do?

    • Apply specific banking terminology.
    • Inform customers about your banking products in live conversations, via phone or mail.
    • Meetings with confidence.
    • Communicate in a customer-oriented way.
    • Handling a complaint.
    • Communicate efficiently in writing.

Applying for grants

Are you totally convinced about the training for bank employees? Great! Check here which grant opportunities we offer for your organisation. Or get in touch. We will be happy to assist you.

Your perfect language learning mix

How do we proceed?

Boost your team and their professional careers with language training. Are you ready? Then it's time to put together the perfect Language Learning Mix to suit your team's needs and requirements.



Want to start a language training course for bank employees? Then we first call your employees for a short screening. This is how we determine their current language level and get to know their goals. With this information, we search for and find the language trainer who is right for your sales managers.

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Mix suggestions.

Composing a tailor-made language course is no easy task. So we want to know a lot about you. Would you like face-to-face lessons, or do you prefer a virtual course? Alone or rather in a group? Do you prefer e-learning or not? The answer to all these questions helps us work out your team's perfect Language Learning Mix.

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Let's go!

Do you like your Language Learning Mix? Then we get started. First we look for the language trainer who matches the language level, goals and profile of your bank employees.

Looking for a solution for your business?

We are pleased to listen to your story. Contact our team of experts for a personalised, tailor-made proposal.


What our customers & course participants say.

During my Spuage skills. We followed the banish course with Claudio, we started with a lot of communication to access and develop my langook as a guide, especially for the grammar, but added plenty of work and hobby related topics. I find it easier to digest grammar when I can connect it to something useful and interesting. The course was fully adapted to my learning preferences! Now after having taken several Spanish courses at BLCC, it is much easier for me to follow conversations. While English is still the main language for doing business, I've found that offering Spanish as communication channel usually improves the relationship with my clients in Latin America.
Improving the relationship with clients in Latin America.
I'd like to thank BLCC for giving me the opportunity to improve my rather modest Dutch skills. A special "thank you" goes to the gorgeous mentors I've had the pleasure to share this journey with: heel erg bedankt to Siska and Cynthia! For the enormous help, guidance and enthusiasm you brought to all the classes we had together this past year. If today I feel much more confident with speaking to random strangers, at the Delhaize and sometimes even at the coffee machine at work it's only thanks to your work!
Feeling more confident with speaking in Dutch
Thanks to the virtual teaching sessions via Webex, I can see my coach. This kind of digital learning is efficient because my teacher can immediately help me when issues arise. If I have to do exercises on the e-learning platform and I encounter difficulties, I just share my screen with my teacher and discuss them. Honestly, it is amazing to have this virtual alternative during this period of COVID-19 and my teacher is excellent and fun! Even outside of my virtual lessons, I am using the e-learning platform on my phone before I go to sleep or whenever I have some calm moments.
A very efficient way of language learning.
I find it important to speak the language of the country where I’m working so I can hold a simple conversation in that language with my employees. My language teacher is very professional. She adapts the lessons to suit my learning style.
Adapted lessons to my learning style.

Articles that inspire.

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