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Which language tests are possible?

We like to start from the goal of language testing!

If you want to assess the level of one person or a limited group in preparation for training, we prefer a personal contact. This way, we not only test the level but also define objectives and expectations, note possible learning formats and availability, and listen to the trainee's concerns. We know from experience that the predictive value of this test is the most reliable and valuable for communication training. We offer very short to broader testing solutions.

If you want to move quickly, are testing a large group or the objectivity of the measurement is crucial, then choose our e-screening! We have these available for Dutch, French, English and German. Grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills are tested. The outcome of the test is a nice report with detailed scores. You choose whether or not to show this report to the person taking the test.

For full testing, you can extend the e-test with electronic speaking and/or writing skills questions. We guarantee fast follow-up; usually you will have all results within 24 hours!

Behind the e-tests is a real test database! In other words, we can also offer tailor-made e-tests depending on your specific situation or objectives.

As with our Language Learning Mix, we have all the test components in house to put together the right test mix for you. Co-creation guarantees the best result!