Strategic language training in recruitment: Armonea.

The labour market is tighter in just about every sector. But the healthcare sector takes the crown. The figures do not lie: as of today, the counter stands at more than 30 000 vacancies. And that counter is only rising. Recruiting abroad may be part of the solution. Thus, Armonea found strategic Dutch language training at BLCC to meet their challenges. Armonea recruits Romanian nurses and prepares them for the Belgian labour market with intensive Dutch language training. In 14 weeks.  


Virtual language training in Bucharest.


In the first four weeks of training, we provide training every day: language trainer in Belgium, trainees in Bucharest. Besides perseverance and motivation, a PC and stable internet connection are all you need to get started. Every day, for 4 weeks, participants receive one one-and-a-half-hour virtual group lesson. We record each lesson so they can rewatch it as much as they want.

But the programme is also well-filled in addition to the virtual lessons. Practice on the e-learning platform reinforces the (virtual) language training with an ideal mix of grammar, vocabulary and key phrases. For a fully-fledged digital learning programme, fully tailored to the healthcare sector. This way, they repeat daily the learning material seen and prepare for the next lesson.

Although everyone starts from scratch, we notice level differences after only two full weeks of training. Language sense plays an important role in this. That is why we divide everyone into mini-classes from week three and give an extra virtual class to the weaker ones, to repeat the material, and to the stronger ones, to deepen.


Passed the final test? On to Belgium!

Part two of the course begins in Belgium. From now on, we combine group lessons face-to-face with intensive e-learning assignments. Everyone starts with a language level A1, but we soon differentiate. Those with a good language sense we put together and challenge towards B1. For those with less language feeling, we aim for a solid A2.


Professional skills and experience

In these different weeks, in addition to language skills, we also focus on other professional skills that Romanian nurses need in their jobs.  Intercultural communication skills and cultural differences are covered.  We conclude this intensive period with a two-week internship under the wing of a Dutch-speaking mentor-colleague.  They can quickly apply what they have learned in the lessons on the shop floor, with real patients. The icing on the cake after a 14-week boot camp.


Armonea speaking

Are you inspired by Armonea's story? And would you like to know how they themselves experience their strategic language policy? We will put you in touch with Bart, director of Armonea. Contact us at stephanie.deblaere@blcc.be


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