Dutch language training for Habiba of Provinciehuis Antwerpen.

Dutch language training for Habiba of Provinciehuis Antwerpen.

“Learning a language is not as easy as everyone thinks”. This is how Habiba starts her story about her journey to learn Dutch.  

She has lived in Belgium since 2007 and took Dutch lessons in group for six years

She has lived in Belgium since 2007 and took Dutch lessons in group for six years to acquire her basic knowledge. Thanks to these lessons, Habiba could already communicate fluently with colleagues at work, writing e-mails or reading the content of letters.    

Unfortunately, it proved insufficient for her job as "team leader cleaning" at Provinciehuis Antwerpen. But before that could happen, Habiba had to be able to prove that she was taking Dutch lessons and that her language level had improved.    

“I came to the conclusion that I urgently needed to take extra lessons to improve my level of Dutch because I was still making a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes.” 

32 hours of individual coaching Dutch

That Habiba was willing to learn was beyond question. Because even before her course, Habiba took every opportunity to communicate with us in Dutch. Both by e-mail and by phone. 

Together with Habiba and her L&D manager, we put together a learning programme of 32 hours of individual Dutch coaching. Fully tailored to her job, her learning needs and expectations.  

Our goal was to prepare Habiba for her permanent job as team cleaning manager from the summer to February.  

We also opted for online lessons because they offer the greatest flexibility. Because we couldn't forget: Habiba was simply working all that time. So we scheduled Dutch lessons at times when it suited her - even on Saturdays!  

Thanks to online lessons, we were also able to make a quick start. So we could guarantee that Habiba could make the necessary progress before February, before the decision moment. And successfully complete her language training!  

In just 2 months, Habiba progressed from a B2 level to a B2++. Almost a full level higher!  

 “In the beginning, I was not convinced that 32 hours would be enough to reach my goal but after a few lessons, I noticed that the lessons make a big difference.”  

E-learning to get started yourself  

It was not only the teaching moments with language trainer Cynthia that gave Habiba and her language level a boost.  

We also supported her with our  innovative e-learning platform where you can find plenty of other grammar exercises, vocabulary and short business cases. Thanks to the platform, you study at your own pace and you choose what is interesting for your job. Wherever and whenever you want

Curious about the added value of e-learning? Discover the 10 advantages of e-learning here.

Habiba speaking 

Habiba“A successful learning programme is also based on a motivated language trainer who has mastered her job. Cynthia Croux teaches in a structured way. She focuses on your weak points and she manages to improve them in the short term. The atmosphere during lessons is always pleasant and positive. I am happy that Cynthia is my language trainer.

For that reason, I recommend all of you to take lessons at BLCC. I would also like to thank my employer for the opportunity to take a course at BLCC!“  


Language trainer Cynthia speakingCynthia-rond

“Even if you have been giving language training courses for years, no two courses and no two course participants are the same. This means that each course participant requires a specific approach and has specific needs. Course participants also often don't believe they will master the language in that short period of time.  

As a language trainer, you can then fall back not only on your experience but also on your pedagogical training. This enables us to bring out the best in the course participant in the short term and offer them a personalised course at their own pace.  

If, in Habiba's case, your course member is also very committed, eager to learn and a hard worker, you get enormous job satisfaction as a language trainer and can't help but be very proud of such industrious students. Congratulations, Habiba!” 


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