Blended learning: how online quizzes enhance your language training.


It has become an essential term in any Learning & Development programme: blended learning. 

When you opt for blended learning, you supplement your classroom lessons with your trainer with modern - often online - learning technologies. Just think of online lessons, webinars, videos, e-learning, virtual reality, e-quizzes, learning apps, ... 

All integrated into your training path.  

But at BLCC, blended learning is more than just a hip buzz word.   

More than that, we have been integrating online tools into your language training for years. To boost your learning process and maximise your training return.  

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In this blog, we highlight how online quizzes or e-quizzes enhance your blended language training.

01. E-learning turned into e-quiz 

Every BLCC course member has access to our e-learning platform.

You will find numerous exercises and content to reinforce your professional skills in a foreign language. Think about making an appointment over the phone, e-mailing, presenting your grades, and much more.  

We have turned all that e-learning content into e-quizzes via Kahoot

So for each business case on the platform, your language trainer dishes you an e-quiz.  

In other words, have you gone through a business case on your own between 2 sessions? Then it's time for an online quiz in your group training. This way, you immediately see which trainee has remembered the most from his e-learning. 

For you as a trainee, a fun way to further develop your knowledge. For your language trainer, a way to test the knowledge of you and your fellow trainees and to see where there are still challenges for the trainees. 

But above all, a fun way to work with the target language!  

Kahoot game on grammar

In brief, we thus optimally integrate the business cases of the e-learning platform through e-quizzes. 

Before, during and after the training.  

Besides the content of the business cases, you also get exercises on cultural content such as the difference between 'British English' and 'American English'. 

Kahoot game on culture02. E-quizzes boost your motivation   

Many trainers - but also HR and L&D managers - often ask themselves the following question: how do I keep my trainees motivated?  
Well, research by KU Leuven shows that online quizzes or e-quizzes are a powerful tool to boost your motivation.  

Because, as a learner, you are more engaged during a quiz. Because you have to actively participate to answer your question by the time.  

You are - and stay - literally on task. 

Moreover, it also gives your language trainer a chance to test your knowledge. This way, your trainer determines which key phrases or grammar rules you already have a good command of. And what he would be better off repeating with you.   


03. E-quizzes make learning fun!

Online quizzes or e-quizzes provide an enjoyable and instructive change within language training, whether virtual or in class. For both the trainer and the student! 

They create a positive learning environment and experience.  

E-quizzes are also the ideal way to break the ice during a first session with your language trainer. In group sessions, they also improve interactivity and animosity within your group. Especially when you don't know the other course members very well yet!  

Moreover, every group session secretly contains at least one competition beast. Wonder who will be the winner in your group lesson 😉.  

Fun guaranteed!  

Kahoot scoreboard


Want to know more about e-quizzes or add your own e-quizzes to your ideal Language Learning Mix? Get in touch with us!  


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