How watching TV in a foreign language strengthens your language skills.


Why not take the opportunity to brush up on our language skills during your free time?

This time, we are not talking about virtual language training or e-learning exercises. No, we are talking about an activity we all do every day: Watching TV, Netflixing, binge-watching your favourite series. And as of now, you have a valid excuse too 😉. Research shows that learners are more motivated to learn a language by watching TV in a foreign language. You improve your listening skills and even your pronunciation and grammar, all thanks to watching TV.

How best to go about it, read below!

Purpose = to understand enough to continue watching 

The reasons why you watch TV - regardless of language - are the same: to inform and relax. It is therefore not necessary to understand every word. On the contrary, the purpose of watching TV as a function of language learning is to understand just enough that you are motivated to watch further. You don't understand everything word for word, but enough to understand the overall storyline of the film or episode.


Repetition is important 

Watch TV in the foreign language regularly. Thereby, binge-watching your favourite Netflix series is a good thing. Especially if you want to improve your language level. Episode over? Next episode!

Support strategies 

Use support strategies! Because in the beginning, you will definitely not understand the entire film or series. Understanding is and always will be an important part of your motivation. Are you a beginner? Then turn on subtitles in your mother tongue. In the next stage, switch to subtitles in the foreign language so that you read what is said, without translation. Eventually, you'll watch your favourite programme without subtitles. Want to know more about subtitles in foreign languages? Read our blog here!  

Or you just watch your episode twice. That way, you already know the storyline and characters and it's easy to focus on what is effectively said. Success guaranteed! 

Exposure is key 

We keep repeating it. Exposing yourself to the foreign language is key. But exposure is even more effective if it is also a source of fun and relaxation.

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