6 tips for the best language course.


The best language courses are those that are completely adapted to you: your language level, your job, your goals and your needs and wishes.

But how do you achieve that?

We provide you with 6 tips on how to get the best language course for yourself. Because believe it or not, that is all in your own hands!

Set your goals. 

The best language course is one that is completely tailor-made. That is why it is important to define your goals before starting your course. Before every language course, we organise a short telephone interview - also called a screening - with you, in the language that you'll be learning! We do not only determine your current language level, but also get a better idea of your job and what it entails. We create a clearer picture of your goals, wishes and expectations from your language course.  

Go over the screening report with your language trainer. What can you already do? And what gaps in your language skills still need to be filled so that you can perform your job with same impact in a foreign language? Do you need to work on writing emails, participating meetings, or giving presentations? Or do you need to speak informally with your colleagues during breaks? Everything is possible!

Bring your own materials. 

You are the pilot of your training; your coach is the co-pilot. Take control of your training and bring in the material you want to cover yourself. Is that a report you need to process? Or a presentation coming up soon? Or perhaps an important meeting? Or do you need to (re)write emails? You choose what is important for your job. 

Your language trainer values your feedback! 

You need feedback from your trainer on your progress and tips for areas for improvement. Similarly to you, your trainer also appreciates your feedback! Would you like to focus on other aspects in terms of content? Is the pace of the training too fast or the opposite: too slow? Too much grammar, too little speaking? Need a deeper focus on your own job? Your feedback to the trainer will ensure that your training is tailored to you and that it meets your expectations, and that it stays that way throughout your course.

Decide with your trainer how you want to use the BLCC e-learning platform. 

Did you know that throughout your BLCC language course you have access to BLCC's e-learning platform? What an added bonus! Working actively on the platform ensures that you get better results and faster. Would you like to integrate the e-learning platform in your class? Or would you prefer doing the exercises at home at your own pace in preparation for your next lesson or as a review of the previous one? Discuss with your trainer how you would prefer to use the platform as part of your course.


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Virtual sessions during your 1-2-1 course.

In your busy job, flexibility in your language course is key. Do you sometimes have busier work weeks? Feel free to ask your trainer to vary face-to-face sessions with an online language lesson via Zoom or Teams. Virtual sessions are short and powerful, and they are a welcome. Language boost is inbetween longer face-to-face classes!

Learning a language is not just something you do during your language course.

You don't just learn a language in the classroom, under the careful guidance of your trainer. To make really rapid progress, you need to expose yourself to the language you are learning as much as possible. Speak with colleagues, listen to or read media in the language, watch a Netflix movie or series, use the foreign language in your personal life too... The opportunities are endless! Exposure is the key to success.   

If you follow these six tips, you will have the reins for a language course tailored to your needs firmly in your hands: you'll decide what and how you want to learn, what your goals are, where you want to go and how much exposure to the language you get. This way, you'll ensure the best language course and biggest success for yourself. 

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