The 10 advantages of e-learning.


At BLCC, we are fans of e-learning. Especially when we use e-learning in a blended learning programme to support and enrich your lessons with your language trainer.  

That is why we assume that all our courses are blended. And all our course participants also get access to our interactive e-learning platform.  

In doing so, it is clear that e-learning has many advantages. The biggest & most important advantage is of course your gain in time without loss in training quality.  

If you integrate e-learning in your language training, the lessons with the trainer are more useful. After all, your trainer has little added value when you solve grammar exercises on your own. Or when you repeat vocabulary. You can do that perfectly well from home with e-learning.  

Where your trainer does add value during lessons is in the theoretical explanation of grammar and (often oral) communication: speaking, role-playing, practising your presentation, ...  

That way, you spend your lesson time optimally. And thus you gain in time.  

But it goes much further than that. 

We give you 10 extra advantages of e-learning, each of them explained in the context of your language training.  

1. With e-learning, you have full control over
your training path.

2. E-learning is always up-to-date.

Your e-learning modules are adaptable at any time and therefore always up-to-date.  

We can adapt, add or remove our modules at any time.  

Spotted an error in your e-learning modules? Don't panic. With a click of a button, your e-learning module is optimised.  


3. E-learning can be customised on demand.

If your e-learning is adaptable at a moment's notice, it is also possible to develop e-learning pathways that are customised & on demand.  

Forget 'one size fits all'.   

In terms of content, you take out what is of interest to you and leave out what you don't need. Want to add extra modules specific to your job and sector? That is also possible.  

For example, we developed specific e-learning modules focusing on Medical & Legel French or Dutch for the healthcare sector 

4. E-learning is perfect for large groups.

E-learning is perfect when a large group of colleagues are undergoing training. By using online learning modules, the number of trainees does not play a role.  

Especially when all those colleagues follow the same training, with the same learning content.  

Countless colleagues enjoy training in this way. And are trained in a fast way.  

Not only is e-learning perfect for a large group of trainees. It is also perfect if you and your colleagues are spread across different branches.  

Wherever you are in the world, thanks to the online modules on the e-learning platform, you and your colleagues learn together.  


We told you above that e-learning saves time. And if you save time, you also save costs.  

Because yes, time is money.  

Not only do you fill class hours with the trainer more usefully, so you need fewer of them all round.  

You also save on travel costs, accommodation costs or costs for renting an extra classroom.  


For those who didn't know: an e-learning platform records everything. 

When you connected, which exercises you did and how well you scored on them, how many badges you have already earned, what starting level you
have at the start of your course and what level you have at the end.

The platform records and evaluates everything.  

That way, you can easily see which activities you already did. And how much progress you made.  

Perfect for those who want to measure the ROI of their language training more concretely. 


8. E-learning is flexible.

We all know it: every professional has an extremely busy schedule!  

Client visit one hour, internal meeting the next, and in the meantime getting notifications from your overflowing mailbox. 
Is this familiar? Definitely for us!  

As a result, it is not always easy to find time to learn a new language. Scheduling one lesson hour per week with your trainer can be a challenge.  

E-learning is therefore perfect for quickly boosting your language skills in addition to the lessons with your trainer. 

During your lunch break? On the train heading to work? You can take an online training course at any time of the day and in any place.  

Moreover, the e-learning modules are often snackable, so you can complete them in 15-30 minutes. 

Perfect for those busy schedules!  


Anyone who has ever followed group training will confirm this: no two course members within a group training course have the same language level. Even though we divide your group according to your starting level!  

Some course members have more talent for languages; others put in more effort.  

Differences in language level are therefore quickly noticeable.  

E-learning is also perfect to accommodate this.  

Those who progress more slowly and need repetition simply repeat the e-learning modules. Easy! Is the level on our e-learning platform too high? Even then you can look at a lower level to refresh your knowledge. 
But the reverse is also true! What if you do have a talent for languages? And you quickly get ahead of the pack?  

By doing exercises at the next language level on the e-learning platform, you give yourself an extra challenge!  

In a blended training path, e-learning offers more variety.  

One day you have lessons with your language coach.  

The other day, you do independent exercises on the e-learning platform to prepare for the next lesson, or repeat the previous one.  

Moreover, e-learning tools also offer a wide variety of exercise types: open questions, fill-in-the-blank tasks, drag & drop exercises, polls, videos to watch, dialogues to listen to, ... 

Thanks to this great variety in your language training, you will stay motivated to learn!

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