Self-directed learning: BLCC challenges.


We want to reveal one of the biggest myths about learning a new language: that you will be able to learn a new language simply by taking language classes with a teacher. 

Sorry to burst your bubble! 

How you'll learn the new language or how quickly you'll make progress in that language, that's entirely up to you.

Not your language trainer. What does matter are your source and target languages, your motivation, your attitude,  your contact with the foreign language. 

Everything's in your hands; you are the pilot of your language course. Your teacher, they're just the co-pilot 

Self-directed learning.

Of course, you're not entirely on your own either! At BLCC, we'll provide the necessary support in your self-directed learning journey. 

We will do so through BLCC's challenges, a brand-new e-learning course where we challenge our students to seek out the foreign language they are learning.

Every week students will receive a new challenge to complete. 

12 challenges for those at a lower level (A1-A2); 18 challenges for students at an intermediate level (B1-B2).

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Challenges voor self-directed learning


Overzicht van challenges

Some challenges of self-directed learning.

  • Use 5 key sentences that you've learned during class in a real-life conversation

  • Give your colleague a compliment in French

  • This week, write all your e-mails in German without the use of DeepL or other online translation tools

  • Watch a movie in Dutch (with or without subtitles) 

  • Follow a recipe in English and cook something delicious

  • Set the language setting of your devices (e.g. phone, laptop, etc.) to the target language

  • Find a buddy at the office with whom you can also speak French



Every week you will be served up a new challenge that will keep immersing you in the foreign language. Because it is the only way you will progress quickly! 

What's more, the challenges are a perfect add-on to our blended learning approach. We blend your classical training course with your teacher with other - mostly online - learning tools such as online classes, webinars, e-learning, e-quizzes, and more. 

All these elements together form your language learning mix.

In addition to the challenges, we also offer useful online tools and websites that you can use on a daily basis. 

Challenges in posterformaat

Also available in hard copy!

Are you an HR or L&D manager and organizing courses for blue-collar workers who do not have a laptop? 

We also offer the challenges in hard copy poster format.

Ideal to display or put up in the workspace. 

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