How language training helps you increase your sales.


Thanks to internationalisation and globalisation, we do more and more business across country and language borders. And a good thing too! But the sales pitch alone will not make the difference, because selling is more than presenting your product. Imagine missing out on the French or German market because you don't speak their language! Wondering how we do that? A language training for sales will help you increase your sales!

THE interview: first impressions count !

There is often a long way beforehand to get that appointment of your dreams. But once on the spot, you also have to make it happen! Making a good first impression is therefore important. As a salesperson, you need to exude confidence, so that the customer trusts you and your product or service. Consciously or unconsciously, a weaker language skills radiates less self-confidence. And that is a pity. After all, you want to sell your product in the foreign language with just as much impact as in your mother tongue. A language trainer helps you with the right key phrases and all kinds of tips and tricks. For example, you avoid words like "peut-être" in French, and come across as confident if you start your customer presentation with "je vais vous présenter", deliberately in futur proche for more "cachet". 😉

Following up with strong arguments

resenting your product or service - with preparation - is one story. The big challenges of your sales pitch often come after. Rarely will your prospect immediately agree to your proposal. As a salesperson, you therefore need to stand firm in a foreign language to argue against it.

Social talk en icebreakers

Written skills

Beyond language level 

Of course, your language training also focuses on much more than just your language level. As a good sales employee, you naturally also know the local customs of your conversation partner. Do you do business with the United States? Then it is useful to know that 'intimacy equals respect', whereas in most other cultures 'formality equals respect' applies. Americans are much more likely to be informal than other cultures. Such cultural differences will also have a place within your language training for sales staff. These simultaneously rebuild trust with your prospect.

Boost your confidence and sell more!