Are you really on your own when learning a language online.


You want to learn a language online thanks to a language course via e-learning. But and language you learn to connect with people. During language training, you learn from fellow trainees and overcome your speaking barriers in a safe setting. You are encouraged by trainer and other trainees. But what if all these motivating factors are not there? Are you then really on your own?

The added value of learning a language online.

That e-learning adds value to your training is certain. That is why we have been investing for years in an extensive e-learning platform, with valuable learning activities and masses of exercises. You learn the building blocks of the language, such as grammar and vocabulary. But we also immerse you in the target language through interactive business cases. Meeting, telephoning or e-mailing? There is a case adapted to your level and your professional context. The more actively you engage with the exercises on the e-learning platform, the faster you progress. Because learning a language is hard work. It takes a lot of repetition to master new structures or vocabulary.

The 'tricky' aspect of e-learning

The 'tricky' aspect of e-learning, then, is not the technological or content aspect. It is ... human! Yep, logging in and learning a language online alone requires iron-clad discipline. This isolation is one of the most well-known threats to e-learning. You start it with the best of intentions, but we know from practice that few really stick with it without the guidance of a trainer.

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BLCC to the rescue!

But this does not mean that we leave you entirely to your own devices. On the contrary! Keeping your motivation high is our goal. So you earn badges with every exercise you complete. Thanks to motivational e-mails, we keep you informed of your progress on the platform. Have you completed a module? Then you will receive an official certificate with your name, level and score. And you can share this certificate with your LinkedIn network at the click of a button. Show them that you are eager to learn and that your language skills have been boosted.

Having a hard time staying motivated despite all these digital motivators? Then you will also work with a success coach. This language trainer and e-learning expert ensures your personal guidance and - as the name suggests - success on the platform. He regularly checks with you to see whether you are making the progress you envisaged. Are you finding everything? Are you having problems somewhere? Your success coach will help you on your way.

But it also goes even further. Besides your success coach, there are also fellow course members who motivate you. By e-learning together. Log on at the agreed time and take part in the online meeting. Together with other trainees and a BLCC e-learning expert, you actively work on the platform and learn a new language online!



E-learning only will never replace full-fledged language training with language coach and e-learning. We don't deny that. It takes a lot of self-knowledge and motivation to practise actively on the platform. That's why we definitely recommend using a success coach: that coach actively guides you or your employees on the platform. The coach ensures that you start learning and stay learning. Because, as you can see, external motivators of the e-learner are a must. But that online language learning via e-learning is an enriching addition to your language training, that's for sure.

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