Taking the French-language tour with Elindus.

Energy supplier Elindus is going on the French-speaking 'tour'.

Elindus is a 100% Belgian energy supplier founded in 2012. Today it operates very strongly in Flanders on the industrial market. Their ambition: to persuade the southern half of the country too to take a long-term view. Tapping into a new region has an impact on the whole team: from sales to customer service to call centre and accounting. Everyone will communicate at their level, within their function, with French-speaking customers or suppliers. But who needs to be able to do what?


Define a clear end goal

We did this in consultation with Elindus' L&D Manager and CEO. In a consultation with them, we defined the job profiles and linked them to the skills they needed to perform their job with impact. BLCC made the translation from skill to language level (CEFR). The final goal was set.


Get a complete picture of the current situation

But where are we at today? We received a list of participants' details, their function with linked end goal and skills. We did the screening over the phone. We determined the oral proficiency of more than 50 employees. Since writing skills were also important, we also asked everyone to complete a writing assignment.


Let's go!

Elindus is not a strong grower in the energy market by accident! In this project, too, we went for a fast and efficient approach. Their enthusiasm gave us energy :-)!

  • We made a group division based on level and function.
  • A tight schedule that took into account the busiest periods at work ensured that we could quickly train everyone. Here, close consultation with the teams involved is very important!
  • Good preparation and transparent consultation ensured that the training went smoothly.


The circle is only complete after an evaluation

After the training, Elindus received an overview of the final levels achieved. Many employees achieved the final target. For some of them, we recommend additional customised coaching. We do not let them go until everyone has reached the final goal.

Thanks to ESF support, Elindus was able to set up this project. Would you like to know more?

Want to know more?