Dutch language training for 5 Afghan women.


Accent, JobRoad and BLCC team up to prepare 5 refugee Afghan women for a new life in Belgium.

Afghanistan, summer 2021. The Taliban seize power in the country again and almost immediately institute their misogynist policies: high schools for girls close their doors and the burka is again compulsory for all women in public life.  

Result? Belgium repatriates more than 1,400 people to our country. Many of them have since received a positive answer to their asylum claim and are ready for a new start. A new life and a new job in Belgium.  

And we are delighted to do our part to help. That is why BLCC, Accent and JobRoad are joining forces with the ORIGAMI project. 

 "ORIGAMI wants to offer 5 Afghan women the opportunity to develop into a full consultant. The origami bird symbolises the women's refuge, but also and above all, the hope of being able to unfold into enterprising women who can fully participate in our society."  

Joachim Commeene, manager at JobRoad

The ORIGAMI-project 

We selected 5 refugee Afghan women and offer them the chance to further develop as broadcast consultants in one of Accent's offices in Flanders. 

"At Accent, we think it is important that everyone gets the chance to discover and further develop their talents. We are therefore particularly proud that, as an inclusive company, we can put our shoulders to the wheel on this project."

Anouk Lagae, CEO at Accent

On 30 June 2022, we kicked off the training programme of these 5 enthusiastic ladies.    

Phase 1: intensive language bath in Dutch

The 5 Afghan women arrived in Flanders after the Taliban took over without any prior knowledge of Dutch. Let language skills be precisely one of the most important factors when you want to integrate into a new society.  

Upon their arrival in Belgium, the five ladies already took a CVO language course to acquire their basic knowledge of Dutch.  

Then it was our turn.  

We screened all 5 ladies to determine their starting level. Thanks to the CVO training they took on arrival and their immigration background, all the ladies now had a basic knowledge of Dutch.  Some already had more than others. After screening, however, we noticed a difference in the levels of all the ladies. And these differences require a different approach!  

So this summer we are starting up two intensive Dutch language courses, each with its own approach. 

  • 3 ladies with a lower starting level

    3 ladies have a lower starting level in NL. For them, in the months of July and August, we mainly boost their general Dutch language skills to bring their language level from A0 to A2 or a functional B1.

  • 2 ladies with a higher starting level

    2 other ladies already have a higher starting level (B1). For them, we developed a language bath that specifically focuses on their professional language skills for their future job as consultants at Accent. 


Meanwhile, the Afghan women have already completed their first language lessons. It promises to be an intensive course. But the ladies are motivated to make it a success together with us.  



Phase 2: substantive training as a counsellor at Accent + continued Dutch language training

From September, the professional training for the ladies will also start. In doing so, they will be trained by the Accent Business School, Accent's internal training centre, for their new job as consultants.  

During these months, the women will also continue their language training, with one language course per week. To further boost their language level. 

After four months of intensive job and language training, the five women are fully prepared to effectively start working as temping consultants in one of Accent's offices.   

All ladies are already very enthusiastic and eager to learn Dutch and train themselves to become independent consultants at Accent.  

And we are already proud to be able to put our shoulders to such a project! Accent will soon have 5 strong interim consultants! 


Want to know more about the ORIGAMI-project? Contact our Training Advisor Stephanie.