My language course has ended. What now.


Your language level got a boost thanks to your language course. Whew, it's over, you think. On to the next one! However, your learning process does not stop at the end of your course. On the contrary! Only now does the real challenge begin. Your language course is over. Now what?

Moving on without a language coach.

Now that your training is over, you obviously don't want to lose all your progress in the blink of an eye. You want to maintain your language skills as much as possible and continue your learning process! Even without the help of your language coach. But how do you get started? Which tools are available to you to boost your language level even on your own?

Exposure is key.

We keep repeating it: exposure is key. Keep seeking out the language! Because only by continuing to expose yourself to the foreign language will you make rapid progress. Therefore, look for a native speaker among colleagues, friends, acquaintances, etc. and speak the language in real-life situations. In addition, you can also actively look for apps, media, films, podcasts, etc. that will help you. Want to know more about watching films and series in foreign languages? Then read the blog!  

1 year access to MyBLCCLearning.

Every BLCC student will have access to the BLCC e-learning platform during their training. There you will find a lot of exercises at your level, adapted to the professional context of each professional. Telephoning in French? Meetings in English? Or negotiate in German? There is something for everyone thanks to the wide range of business cases. You can also expand your vocabulary or practice grammar . 

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By the way, did you know that the BLCC e-learning platform remains accessible after your language courses? Indeed, from the start of your training, you have 1 year of access to the platform and can practise to your heart's content on what interests you and is important for your job. Make use of it!


Tips and tricks.

During your language course, your language coach will surely give you lots of tips and tricks to help you maintain your language level even after your training. Ask your trainer about them!

Still want to continue working with your language coach? Request a follow-up!

Can't get enough of your BLCC language training and its impact on your language level and your job? Then register for follow-up training with your HR or L&D manager or contact us! We will be happy to schedule your follow-up course with the same trainer. As if you never left!

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