Learn Dutch fast with the Quick start

Quick start in Dutch.

Boost your Dutch language skills for your daily life in Belgium. With our e-learning course 'Quick start in Dutch' you can start learning Dutch on our online platform within 48 hours.

Learn Dutch faster with our e-learning course.

With our e-learning course 'Quick start in Dutch' you can start learning Dutch at your own pace, whenever you want and wherever you are

  • Quick start. This is an individual course. After sign up you can start learning Dutch within 48 hours.
  • At home. Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible schedule. With our e-learning course you can learn where and when you want. Easy to combine with job & kids.
  • You are in charge of your own language learning.You can choose what and how much you learn. The more you practise, the faster you will learn Dutch.

Buy your e-learning course right away for 55 EUR (incl. VAT)!

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    What will you learn?

    Our e-learning course 'Quick start in Dutch' consists of a series of lessons. Each lesson contains key language (e.g. vocabulary and grammar) around everyday topics, and interactive exercises which will help you practise.

    • Learn to present yourself, greet others, ask questions, say thank you, ask for help, invite someone, and count.
    • Learn basic words on family, colours, the weather, the home, food & drinks, and jobs.
    • Practise speaking skills with native Dutch speakers by completing the exercises.
    • ...

What do you need for this
e-learning course?

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Computer & stable internet

The quick start is found online. This means you must have a computer (a laptop or desktop) and a stable internet connection to learn Dutch.

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Power to learn on your own

In this e-learning quick start, you will need to study Dutch on your own, without a teacher. This means you must be able to read & write.

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This is an individual e-learning course, so you will be working on your own, at your own space and wherever you might choose to.

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Practise speaking with a Dutch speaking partner

Your quick start does not include lessons with a teacher. You must practice speaking Dutch with others like your guest family in Belgium or with other native Dutch speakers around you. We give you plenty of tips to practise your speaking skills as well!

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Start learning Dutch with our e-learning course 'Quick start in Dutch'.
The cost for this course is 55 euros (incl. VAT).