Specialist Dutch course

Dutch for staff in the insurance sector.

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Vlag Nederlands

About Dutch for staff in the insurance sector.

You are completely at home in the insurance sector and know everything there is to know about its services and terminology. You are proud of your clear-cut advice, which your customers value so much. But can you do all this in Dutch too?

Iets voor jou?

Could this be for you?

You are a broker or agent in the insurance sector or have ambitions in that direction.

You already have command of Dutch to a good intermediary level. That means you speak reasonably effortlessly and can function well in a range of situations. But you lack the self-confidence and specific insurance terminology to do your job in Dutch with the same impact as in your native language.

Our course in Dutch for staff in the insurance sector takes your daily work as its starting point. The documents that you use in your job form the basis for your Dutch course. This means you will be able to apply what you have learned straight away at work, which is both efficient and concrete.


What you can do after this course

  • Apply specialist insurance terminology.
  • Give information about insurance products in face-to-face conversations, over the phone or by e-mail.
  • Take part confidently in meetings.
  • Communicate in a client-oriented way.
  • Handle complaints.
  • Communicate in writing efficiently.

Contact us.

We believe it is best to discuss your personal training programme from the perspective of your specific needs. That lets us organise a customised programme.

Your ideal Language Learning Mix

What we do.

Give yourself and your professional career a boost with a customised language course. Step 1: put together your ideal Language Learning Mix. That makes sure your training course fits with your goals and wishes.



If you want to start on a Dutch course, we will phone you first for a brief screening. This lets us determine your current level of proficiency and find out what your goals and expectations are. We use this information to find the right language trainer for you.


Finding right mix.

We put an effort into creating the right customised language course, and we need lots of information from you. Do you prefer face-to-face classes or a virtual course? Would you rather learn on your own or in a group? Is e-learning for you or not? The answers to all those questions help us to figure out your perfect Language Learning Mix.


Getting started!

Do you like the look of this Language Learning Mix? Then we can get started. First we look for the right language trainer for you given your proficiency, goals and job.


Wat onze klanten, trainers en cursisten zeggen.

Virtual learning is very efficient as it can flexibly adapt both to work and private schedules. Despite being undoubtedly the future of training, it is true that this form requires motivation and self-discipline in order to be effective. Because of the lack of fixed timeslots and usually the absence of classmates, one might have the tendency to skip sessions and therefore lose pace. To avoid this, motivation can be boosted up by tailoring the learning content upon items that you really need, that you truly like, and that help improve your skills. My personal experience with the BLCC courses is very positive, having followed German classes for several years and I can express my full satisfaction about the teachers’ professionalism and competence.

Christiam Gasparini, Marketing manager at ON SEMICONDUCTOR

“I find it important to speak the language of the country where I’m working so I can hold a simple conversation in that language with my employees. My language teacher is very professional. She adapts the lessons to suit my learning style.”

Yves Zinggeler,CEO of Amgen Benelux

“Melanie taught me English, with an exclusive focus on my professional field. That means I am now able to do my coaching sessions in Manchester as well. Even my friends and colleagues soon noticed a big improvement in my English!”

Catherine Poissonnier,Business manager at Improve

“I feel much more comfortable now when on the phone. I can express myself more fluently in French as well when giving presentations and I no longer worry so much about the mistakes I make.”

Steven De Winter,HR officer at Reynaers Aluminium

“I was looking for a course that focused on speaking, in the sales context rather than general speaking skills. BLCC listened perfectly to my specific requirements. The trainer was very knowledgeable.”

Mario Muylle,Managing Director at Dovy Keukens

“I have regular lessons via Skype and I’m already reaping benefits from those lessons.  I recently advanced one level. My French has genuinely improved: I notice the difference in my contact with colleagues, clients and journalists. I’d give BLCC an 11 out of 10!”

Gianni De Muynck,Spokesperson at Axa Belgium

“I did a German course for my job, but I found learning German an enriching experience personally as well. What I liked most about the BLCC training was the trainer’s personal touch. She focused completely on my requirements and wishes.”

Benoit Van Elst,Key Account Manager for DIY at Unilin

Any questions?

If you are ready to improve your knowledge of Dutch for use in the insurance sector or if you still have some questions, please contact our Training Advisors.