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First we want to hear all about your plans and ambitions. We screen all the participants in order to assess both their language proficiency and their objectives. That lets us advise you properly on the best solution for your specific requirements.

The participants’ proficiency and aims determine the approach when organising a language training programme. Sometimes everyone can study together while in other cases individual coaching is a better option. We determine this based on what works for you and the budget you have available.

For maximum impact

BLCC bolsters
your team.


Do you want to increase your sales team’s impact in foreign projects? Do you want to tackle language barriers that are hampering internal meetings, and thereby increase efficiency? Perhaps some staff members need training in French, or perhaps your company is switching to English for internal communication.

Language training will bolster your company, but you may still have a lot of questions. How does it work? Can we do courses as a group? And how do we tackle this? We would be happy to answer all your questions.

From lawyers to sales managers

Based on your Job.

We start with the basics: a course that focuses on business topics such as meetings, presentations, phone calls and e-mails in your foreign language.

You may be looking for more specific training that ties in with your job or function. We offer training courses such as ‘Medical French’, ‘English for Sales Managers’ and ‘Dutch for Bank Staff’ to help doctors, other healthcare professionals, lawyers, sales staff and numerous other jobs. Discover our offering below.

  • Sales Managers
  • Nursing staff
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Management
  • Bank staff
  • Financial specialists
  • Insurance staff
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From banking to chemicals

Based on your Sector.

Or perhaps you are looking for a specific language course that is tailored to the sector in which your team works. Whether you are in banking and insurance, or the chemicals industry or even healthcare, we will be happy to help you. Discover our offering below.

  • Banking & insurance
  • Chemistry
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • ICT
From global solutions to advice on language strategy

Based on your Context.

A language training programme also needs to take account of the context. Perhaps you need new global solutions, or you may want to track the language skills of your staff. Is training a crucial component of your recruitment process? Do you need advice on the training priorities for your staff based on your strategic objectives? Or are language barriers coupled all too often with cultural barriers? We can help you with these issues too.

  • Strategy
  • Expansion
  • Global solutions
  • Recruitment

Your ideal Language Learning Mix

This is how
we tackle
your request.

Creating maximum impact for your team — that’s what it’s all about. To achieve that, we put together the perfect Language Learning Mix that fits with your team’s goals, requirements and wishes.



We listen to your story. What do you want to achieve? How can we use language training to make a tangible difference for your team?



We listen to your team. We know what you want. Now we assess the language proficiency, goals and expectations of your staff. What do they expect to get from the course?


Finding right mix.

We use the info from the previous steps to put together the perfect Language Learning Mix. We choose on-site sessions or virtual classes, group or individual training, with lots of e-learning or very little to get a mix that meets your expectations.


Getting started!

If everything is clear to you, we look for the right trainer for your team. And we get started, full of enthusiasm.

Applying for grants

You might be eligible for financial support from your sectoral fund. The sectoral funds often offer contributions towards training, paid for from the annual membership fees. Whether you can benefit from this depends on your sector. View the grants.

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Any questions?

Perhaps you are fully persuaded of the benefits and ready to immerse your team in the ideal Language Learning Mix for them. Or you may still have some questions. Please contact our Training Advisors.